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   Street Markets
  Date:6/9/2014  Tags:Wholesale Market 
Malls and Shopping Centers for Clothes and Shoes Global International Shoes Trade Center This is a world of shoes with lots and lots of shops. All kinds of locally made shoes can be found. Prices are very cheap. Generally speaking, people can pay about 150 to 200 RMB (about 20 or 30 USD) for a pair of shoes that might sell for two or three times or more in the US. Address: Zhan Xi Road #26    Beijing Road Beijing Road (Beijing Lu) is locat ...
  Date:6/9/2014  Tags:market gift jade 
Xiguan Antique Street The market has many shops for collectors and sells everything from ceramic teapots to Tibetan rugs. Address: No.88 Wenchang Nan Road, Liwan District   Qingping Market Qingping Market is a very popular market among the local people. There are hundreds of shops or stands with food, herbs, seafood, birds, pets, flowers and plants for sale. Local people in nearby neighborhoods go grocery shopping at the market. It is worth spe ...
   Household and Electronic Products Markets
  Date:6/9/2014  Tags:Household Electronic Market 
Building materials: Markets for building materials mainly concentrated in Nan'an Road , Da'nan Road and Taikang Road .For example: No.30 Nan'an Decorative Material Market. Furniture and the Household: The biggest furniture market in Guangzhou is the one located in Baogang Avenue Haizhu District . Another recommended leading furniture store: Meiju Center Area D  in Guangzhou is located in 68, Huangpu Avenue, Tianhe District .   Electronic products ...
   Textile and Leather Market
  Date:6/9/2014  Tags:Textile Leather Market 
Zhongda Cloth Market Zhongda Cloth Market is the largest distributing center for cloth in Guangzhou now. Cloth, knitting wool and garment ornaments in all grades are all available there. The goods there feature affordable, complete and fashionable, and the market is really popular in Guangzhou. Address: Ruikang Road, Guangzhou, China Tel: 020-84194260, 84185324   Tianxiong Textile Village Tianxiong Textile Village is a large terminal market for all ...
   Wedding Dress Shopping Street
  Date:6/9/2014  Tags:wedding dress 
In Guangzhou there is a street specializing in selling wedding gowns, wedding shoes and related products. They are available for rent, retail and wholesale. It is the largest wedding dress market in Guangdong Province. The style, quality and price cover a wide range, from traditional Chinese to western wedding dresses.   Address: North of Jiangnan Avenue, near Zhujiang Bridge   Public bus: No.9, 13, 35, 87, 178, 180, 239, 244, 253, 299, 544 or 546 ...
   Tea wholesale market
  Date:6/9/2014  Tags:tea wahole sale market 
Nanfang Tea Market Nanfang Tea Market is boasted as one of the most complete market in China for famous tea, tea sets and art wares themed tea. The market covers an area of about 20,000 square meters (215, 278 square ft), converging mire than 300 shops. Address: No.8-10, Qishi Road, Fangcun District (??????????8-10?) Tel: 020-81590208 ...
   Clothes Wholesale Markets
  Date:6/9/2014  Tags:Wholesale Market clothes 
Guangzhous clothes wholesale business is very vibrant, and there are many clothes wholesale markets in Guangzhou. The most famous clothes wholesale markets are: Baima Market (the most popular one, located opposite Guangzhou Railway Station) Tianma (next to Bama and famous for domestic brand clothes) Xindadi (situated opposite Bama and mainly sales woolen sweaters and cardigans) Zhanxi (a shopping street of many wholesale markets) Hongmian Bubugao (located ...
   Why visit Canton Fair?(2)
  Date:6/8/2014  Tags:Exhibits 
The Canton Fair is a great trade event of comprehensiveness and specialization. It exhibits over 150,000 kinds of quality Chinese products and overseas commodities with distinctive features. The renew rate of Chinese products is over 40% each session. Depending upon China's advantages in manufacturing industry and orienting toward international market demand, the fair shows a variety of high quality products with reasonable price  ...
   Why visit Canton Fair?
  Date:6/8/2014  Tags:Exhibitors 
Exhibitors Exhibitors of the Canton Fair come from various industries in China and the world. Chinese exhibitors of the Canton Fair boast good credibility and strength. Over 24,000 Chinese enterprises attend each session of the Fair. Among them, manufacturers account for 51%; foreign trade enterprises account for 38%; industrial trade enterprises account for 10%; scientific research institutions and enterprises of other types account for 1%. Excellent enterpri ...
   Press Release of the Concluding Press Conference of 115th Session of the Canton&...
  Date:6/8/2014  Tags:115th Session of the Canton Fair 
Liu Jianjun, Spokesperson of the Canton Fair and the Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade CentreMay 5th 2014 Friends from the press, ladies and gentlemen:Good afternoon! Welcome to the concluding press conference of the 115th session of the Canton Fair.The 115th Canton Fair is closing this afternoon. With slow recovery of global economy and greater risk of downturn in Chinas foreign trade sector, the 115th Canton Fair continues to adopt the policy o ...
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