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   Renewables get a China push
  Date:6/10/2014  Tags:promising industry 
China remained the leading investor and proponent of renewable energy in 2013, even as global investment fell sharply, according to a report. The Global Status Report, released on Wednesday by the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century, said China invested more in renewable energy than all of Europe did in 2013. Although the renewables sector continues to offer huge growth potential in China, it also faces some constraints li ...
   Green industries promising in China
  Date:6/10/2014  Tags:Green promising industry 
China's solar energy may be enough of a bright point and its wind power a breath of fresh air to dispel the gloom surrounding the green energy industry, after the ongoing financial crisis dropped fossil fuels prices and cast doubt on its financial viability. American alternative energy companies are upbeat about their business prospects in China and say the country is ripe for solar, wind, hydro, biofuel and clean coal investment. "This economic downturn is n ...
   Mobile healthcare promising in China: report
  Date:6/10/2014  Tags:Mobile healthcare promising industry 
Widespread adoption of mobile technology in healthcare in China is now viewed as inevitableby 80 percent of doctors and healthcare payers, including government officials, hospitals andpharmaceutical companies, said a report conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The report said that Ch ...
   East Guangzhou Development
  Date:6/10/2014  Tags:Guangzhou Development 
Port of Guangzhou Port of Guangzhou is one of the main coastal ports in China and the significant hinge of the country's integrated transportation system. It possesses 6 port operation areas including Inner Port Area, Huangpu Port Area, Xinsha Port Area, Nansha Port Area and anchorage ground of Zhujiangkou (estuary of the Pearl River) water area. The Inner Port Area is for transportation of energy sources, raw materials, food supplies, chandlery and the c ...
   West Guangzhou Development
  Date:6/10/2014  Tags:Guangzhou Development 
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Established in the 1930s, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is one of the three primary aviation hubs in mainland China, playing a significant role in the layout of China's civil airports. It ranked second best airport in the appraisal for China's 500 biggest service enterprises in 1994. It was also listed in the Top 500 State-owned Enterprises in 1994 and selected by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) ...
   North Guangzhou Development
  Date:6/10/2014  Tags:Guangzhou Development 
Blueprint of Zhujiang New CitySouth to Huangpu Dadao Avenue, north to the Pearl River, east to Guangzhou Dadao Avenue, and the west to South China Expressway, the Zhujiang New City is still under development. It will accommodate 170 to 180 thousand citizens. The whole project will be completed by 2010, before the Guangzhou Asian Games. The core zone of Zhujiang New City features 37 large business buildings and seven city landmarks including the Guangzhou Opera ...
   44 Guangdong Firms Enter China Top 500
  Date:6/10/2014  Tags:Top 500 Guangdong 
The 2008 Top 500 Chinese enterprises list was released by the China Enterprise Confederation on Aug. 30. With revenue exceeding 1.2 trillion yuan, Sinopec Corp tops the list again this year, which is followed by the State Grid and PetroChina Company. According to the report, the total revenue of the top 500 Chinese enterprises reached 2.99 trillion U.S. dollars (1 dollar= 7.3046 yuan, calculated under the exchange rate in 2007), profits 188.4 billion U.S.d ...
   Guangdong to Focus on Service Sector
  Date:6/10/2014  Tags:Service Guangdong 
Guangdong province wants to boost the ratio of its service industry to about 50 percent of its GDP by the year 2012 and more by than 60 percent by 2020. A blueprint to accelerate the construction of modern industrial system for the province was published Monday. It will increase by 1 billion yuan ($160 million) from this year to 2012 its annual budget to support the development of its service industry and an advanced manufacturing industry The service ...
   Equities get lift from reserve cut, IPO approvals
  Date:6/10/2014  Tags:IPO Equities 
Stocks posted their largest gain in a month on Tuesday on news that initial public offerings wouldresume and some banks' reserve requirements would fall. Analysts said the green light for a new round of IPOs lifted some of the uncertainties that hadbeen weigh ...
   Changshu is weekend retreat for busy Shanghai residents
  Date:6/10/2014  Tags:Changshu retreat travel 
Shanghai's residents are increasingly spending their weekends in the more easy-paced neighboring city of Changshu in Jiangsu province, drawn to its fresh air, stunning mountains and delicious foods.In Changshu, a visitor's typical day could begin with a breakfast of xun oil noodles at small restaurants that surround the Xingfu Temple, where locals tend to gather from 6 am. Xun is a gray-colored wild epiphytic fungus that grows at the foot of pine trees on Yusha ...
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